Command Line Options and Signals

The following command line options are supported:

-v, --version

    prints a short version info
-h, --help
    gives an overview over the command line options
-p, --port PORTNR
    start the server on this portnumber instead the standard 7741. If you use this, LISa won't be able to cooperate with other LISa's in the network. This one is only available for LISa, not for resLISa.

Some options regarding search order for the configuration files. For reslisa the file is named reslisarc instead lisarc.

-u, --unix

    search at first for $HOME/.lisarc, then for /etc/lisarc, this is the default behaviour
-k, --kde1
    search at first for $HOME/.kde/share/config/lisarc, then for $KDEDIR/share/config/lisarc
-K, --kde2
    looks for the file lisarc in every directory returned by running "kde-config --path config"
-c, --config=/SOME/PATH/FILE
    read this and no other configuration file


If you send the Hangup-Signal to lisa or reslisa, they will reread their
configuration file (killall -HUP lisa or on Solaris pkill -HUP lisa).

If you send the User1-Signal to lisa or reslisa, it will print some status
information to the standard output (killall -USR1 lisa). You won't see
anything if the console from which lisa/reslisa was started has terminated.