The LAN Information Server - LISa

LISa is a small daemon which is intended to run on end user systems. It provides something like a "network neighbourhood", but only
relying on the TCP/IP protocol stack, no smb or whatever.
The information about the hosts in your "neighbourhood" is provided via TCP port 7741.

LISa supports two ways of searching for hosts, the first method is to send ICMP echo request packets to the hosts, the second one is to send NetBIOS broadcasts using nmblookup. In order to keep network load low various strategies are implemented. There is also a basic security mechanism. For environments with stricter security rules there is also a restricted version, resLISa.

LISa should compile and work under the usual unix flavours (linux, *bsd, solaris,...), it might have problems on 64 bit machines and it definitly doesn't work with IPv6. It provides some special support for KDE , but it is completely independant, it requires neither the Qt library nor any KDE stuff.

Wanna see a SCREENSHOT what LISa can do for you ?

LISa and resLISa are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Have fun
Alexander Neundorf

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